An initiative aiming to empower scientists in Africa with computer programming skills.


Our goal is to empower students and staff within the STEM fields in Africa with computer programming skills. Further, we aim to help our beneficiaries realise the relevance of the theory they are learning at the university by exposing them to real-world problems for which to develop a solution, they will need to combine their theoretical expertise and computing skills.

In recognition of the significance of this initiative, Sofiat Olaosebikan (our Founder and Lead) was named as one of the Future World Changers at the University of Glasgow.


Would you like to host one of our annual workshop series? We receive invitations in the form of a cover letter, and we review applications twice a year, in March and in October. The cover letter (preferably on the host department's letterheaded paper, signed by the appropriate authority) should include evidence of the programming skills gaps within your institution and justification for the class of participants that will benefit from the workshop. For example: Why is it important for them to learn Python programming? What are they unable to do at present because of the skills gap? What will they be able to achieve after learning how to code in Python?


Have further information, you can reach us via email or  Twitter.